Working Up to Medi Lift’s Needle Lift

March 06, 2024
Working Up to Medi Lift’s Needle Lift

Celebrity dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD advises that topical rejuvenating programs may work better and more comfortably when approached gradually.


When we come across an exciting new topical skin rejuvenation program like Medi Lift, it’s very tempting to get swept up with enthusiasm and go into it full force because we want the results now. But coming on too strong can result in sensitivity, inflammation, irritation or even breakouts. This can lead to a conclusion that the product is not for us. But take heart, that’s not necessarily so and there is another way.


Says Dr. Shamban, “No matter what the product–and retinols figure largely into this scenario here–there may initially an beginning period where it is necessary to acclimatize the skin. This means that you’ll need to start gradually, perhaps using the regimen every other day or even every second day. People worry that starting slowly will not do anything. That’s not true. Something is happening for the better, the skin is getting stronger even though you just can’t see it yet.


“The comparison to exercise–weight training or running–is an apt one here,” the doctor continues. “If you try to do too much too soon, you could injure yourself. But keep at it slowly but surely and you’ll definitely see progress over time. The same is true with topicals . . . you’re training your skin for improvement.”


Working Up to It

The three-product Medi Lift’s Needle Lift regimen–Needle Lift First Essence, Needle Lift Serum, and Needle Lift Cream–was designed to be used morning and evening. But some people may find this to be too much in the beginning. Here’s how to work up to full strength:


  • Start by using the Needle Lift regimen every night for two to three weeks.
  • If you find your skin is still red or uncomfortable (as versus just a mild tingling which is a good thing), switch to every other night or every third night. Do a patch test if you need to. Use a non-exfoliating moisturizer on your nights off.
  • Note that the skin on the face may react differently than the skin on the neck and chest. Make your adjustments accordingly.
  • Then, gradually work up to using the Needle Lift regimen in the mornings too (start with every other day, you know the drill) but taking care to always use SPF30+ by day.
  • Some people may choose just to stick with the nighttime regimen only and that’s fine too.
  • For temporary sensitivity, try waiting 10 minutes after washing your face before applying product. Damp skin is much more absorbent than dry which can amplify the power of any topical product.


    Professional supervision

    But what about professional treatments or products from a dermatologist, nurse or licensed aesthetician that leave us red and peeling?

    “Inflammation resulting from a professional procedure such as laser, IPL, chemical peels or prescription topicals is fine as long as your healing is supervised by an experienced expert,” Dr. Shamban concludes. “What a skin pro does with deeper treatments is exert controlled damage that will enable the skin to heal in a safe and predictable way. It’s that healing, in fact, that delivers the rejuvenating results. But these procedures require a sure hand of those with years of knowledge, training, and experience.”


    About Medi Lift

    Medi Lift is a rejuvenating topical skincare collection inspired by microneedling’s ability to deliver active ingredients deeper into the skin but without the use of needles or equipment. Incorporating advanced technology, the initial two lines include Needle Lift products containing our proprietary micro-spicule-intense Golden Needle Complex–to be configured into three different three-product regimens–and the Micro-Moments Special Care Collection, a series of occlusive patches containing self-dissolving micro-tips. Developed and manufactured by prestige Japanese beauty tool specialists and product formulators Ya-Man, Ltd.

    The comparison to exercise–weight training or running–is an apt one here. If you try to do too much too soon, you could injure yourself. But keep at it slowly but surely and you’ll definitely see progress over time.” 


                                                                 –– Ava Shamban, MD
    Dermatologist, AVA MD
    IG @avamd_