Channel your way to real skin renewal with breakthrough technology from Japan

Genius and gentle microneedling effect . . . all without the downtime!

About Medi Lift

A brand subsidiary of Japanese tech innovator YA-MAN, Medi Lift exists at the intersection of innovative technology, professional beauty, and personal care. Medi Lift delivers instant results and cumulative benefits to transform your face and enhance its best features. Medi Lift is best known for its wearable, hands-free facial Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices currently available in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

About YA-MAN

YA-MAN is a leading global beauty innovator rooted in a rich heritage of Japanese beauty traditions and expertise in modern technology.

YA-MAN creates professional-grade devices and formulas to bring cutting-edge innovation to your home. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, science-backed innovation has made YA-MAN an iconic brand throughout Asia, Europe, and Australia since 1978.

Sensory Skincare: Why Feeling the Tingle Matters

Sensation in skincare can be a powerful indicator of your product’s efficacy. Think of your AHA’s exfoliating sting, or your favorite gel’s cooling touch – each of these sensations evokes a certain feeling that signals its efficacy to your brain.

Experience Medi Lift, a revolutionary skincare line that has redefined the skincare experience.

Micro-Beauty Moments

Whether its micro-spicules or micro tip technology, our breakthrough technology is designed to penetrate deep into the skin, and maximize the absorption of active ingredients, while also providing a tingling sensation when applied. This sensory experience not only feels unprecedented, but also lets you know that the product is getting to work.