How Micro-Spicules Will Help Your Spring Skin Care Blossom

April 12, 2024
How Micro-Spicules Will Help Your Spring Skin Care Blossom

There’s no better time than the changing of the seasons to upgrade and transform your skincare routine. Let the dullness of winter disappear as we welcome spring, and with it, a fresh, daily skincare regimen that gives your skin a more youthful glow. 

Medi Lift’s Daily Care Collection is rooted in the belief that harnessing micro-spicule technology, the latest innovation in skincare, can gently penetrate and regenerate the skin without painful needle procedures. And with a Medi Lift skincare regimen, there’s no need to seek treatment outside of the comfort of your own home!

Micro-Spicule Technology 
Micro-Spicules are a natural microscopic needle-like structure derived from sea sponges.Micro-spicules provide a gentle microneedling effect that stimulates the regeneration of the skin with very tiny and thin needles (invisible to the naked eye), while filling the pores with active ingredients that go deeper into the skin.

These ‘needles’ stimulate both cellular regeneration, collagen, and elastin production, and allow for improved absorption of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. Once the spicules reach the epidermal layer of the skin, the active ingredients are released for maximum efficacy. Our clinical study shows that micro-spicules deliver active ingredients deeper and better than creams that do not contain micro-spicules.

Springtime Daily Care Regimens
The perfect introduction to micro-spicule technology, we recommend reviving your springtime skincare regimen with our Needle Lift Signature Daily Kit as part of your skincare lifting routine, Needle Lift Even Tone Daily Kit to even skin tone, or Needle Lift Moisture Daily Kit for a hydrating regimen after a long, dry winter. 

Beginning your regimen with a micro-spicule skin-prepping essence like Needle Lift Essence allows you to resurface, soften, hydrate and plump your skin all in the first step of your skincare routine! A penetration enhancer essence that contains approximately 600,000 micro-spicules helps maximize absorption and delivery of active ingredients.

After prepping, apply a pearl-sized amount of Needle Lift Serum to target expression lines around the orbital eye area as well as lip contours, and massage to allow for complete absorption. This advanced formula for eyes and lips contains the highest amount of micro-spicules within the line, with approximately 1,440,000 micro-spicules! 

Lastly, the choice is yours for this final step of your springtime micro-spicule skincare regimen! 

If you want to focus on lifting your skin, choose Needle Lift Signature Cream, a multi-action, nourishing, age-defying face cream infused with approximately one million micro-spicules. Its signature blend is composed of our Golden Needle Complex (micro-spicules containing 24K gold colloid plus five botanical extracts), hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Choose Needle Lift Cream Deep Moist, for a moisture-intense face cream with micro-spicule technology perfect for rehydrating your skin after the long, dull days of winter. Not only does it contain over one million micro-spicules, but its essential active ingredients include AG22 oil (a blend of plant oils that mimics the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old to deeply hydrate, firm and restore the skin), and triple ceramide (a blend of three types of ceramide to hydrate and to support the skin barrier).

Last, but certainly not least, choose Needle Lift Cream Tone+, for a brightening face cream with approximately 600,000 micro-spicules for a toned and glowing complexion! Active ingredients include antioxidants like glutathione that help brighten and maintain a healthy, natural glow, and triple vitamin C, a blend of fast-acting, long-lasting and highly penetrating types of vitamin C.