Winter Skincare Essentials to Protect Sensitive Skin

February 06, 2024
Winter Skincare Essentials to Protect Sensitive Skin

As the temperatures drop and you settle in for a cozier, slower winter routine, it’s important to consider what your skin will need to stay hydrated and healthy. As the outdoor climate becomes harsher and makes your skin feel more raw, indoor environments are also dryer and can aggravate your skin barrier. It’s best to choose products that are gentle, non-irritating, and effective in both calming and hydrating your skin. 

Needle Lift Moisture Daily Kit 

It’s easy to quench your skin with our nourishing Medi Lift trio which deeply hydrates, plumps, and alleviates dry skin with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and non-comedogenic plant oils. Our Needle Lift Moisture Daily Kit consists of Needle Lift Deep Moist Cream, Needle Lift Serum, and Needle Lift First Essence.

A penetration enhancer,  Needle Lift First Essence maximizes absorption and the delivery of active ingredients with micro-spicule technology. A microscopic needle-like structure derived from sea sponges, micro-spicules provide a gentle microneedling effect and assist the delivery of active ingredients deeper into the skin. Needle Lift First Essence is designed to resurface, soften, hydrate, and plump skin. After cleansing, apply two to three pumps evenly into the hands, then press gently onto the face to allow for complete absorption.

An advanced formula, Needle Lift Serum contains the highest amount of micro-spicules within the Medi Lift line and works to moisturize, tighten, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips. Apply a pearl-sized amount of serum to clean, dry skin to target these expression lines.

Lastly, Needle Lift Cream Deep Moist contains micro-spicule technology, a blend of plant oils, and three types of ceramides to support deep hydration into the skin barrier. Scoop a pearl-sized amount with its application spoon and gently massage it into facial skin until absorbed.