Individualizing Your Complexion Collection Perfection

January 02, 2024
Individualizing Your Complexion Collection Perfection

Celebrity dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD shows if and when to deconstruct a skincare collection in selecting your products


When encountering an intriguing new skincare collection, it’s natural to want to buy every single item in the line. Unfortunately, real life doesn’t work like that. Depending on budget, efficacy and how well a product plays well with others, it is possible to pick and choose – except in the cases where it’s not.


Notes dermatologist, formulator and clinical trial director, Dr. Ava Shamban with practices in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills says, “As a doctor I will pick and choose individual products from different lines–both Rx and non-prescription–depending on my patient’s needs. You can do the same.”


Here Dr. Shamban offers a few tips.


  • Choose cleansers by skin type: Says Dr. Shamban, “There’s no such thing as a universal cleanser. Start assembling your regimen by finding a cleanser that’s completely compatible with your system. Cleanser should leave you feeling clean but without any dryness, itchiness or irritation. If you are using Rx skincare products, your doctor will help you find a suitable cleanser to leave you feeling comfortable.”


  • Choose serums by function: Says Dr. Shamban, “Serums–which are specifically designed for absorption–are much more versatile and a single serum can work effectively on many different skin types. Use whichever one you like regardless of cleanser.”


  • Choose moisturizers to sync with your serum and/or your skin type: Says Dr. Shamban, “Oftentimes a company will specifically formulate their serum and moisturizer at the same time so that they supplement each other. But if you find that using different brands works for you, that’s fine too.”


  • Choose sunscreen depending on the day and activity (but use it always): Says Dr. Shamban, “I love how many superb SPF choices there are out there. Personally, I advocate a sunscreen wardrobe. I have a tinted sunscreen to wear alone or under makeup, for example, as well as another formula for swimming and still other much heavier ones for outdoor sports.”



Medi Lift in the picture

Dr. Shamban agrees that there are cases where multiple products in a collection need to be used in tandem. This can be due to the fact that certain individual ingredient combinations that work splendidly together on the skin, might be unstable if packaged together as a single unit. Items containing certain forms of Vitamin C are an example of these.


Or, in some cases there are products are formulated with ingredients that are symbiotic–that is, their formulas fit precisely together like a lock and key–that should be used together to achieve desired results. Medi Lift’s micro-spicule-powered Needle Lift collection is an example of this. Of the three-part series, Needle Lift First Essence and Needle Lift Serum should be used together for all skin types. Then comes the compatible, skin-specific creams that offer targeted choices for lifting, moisturizing or brightening.


The one exception here is the Needle Lift Wrinkle Smooth Base which is a brilliant makeup primer. Everyone and anyone can enjoy this regardless of skincare regimen.

About Medi Lift

Medi Lift is a rejuvenating skincare collection inspired by: 1) Microneedling’s ability to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin but without the use of needles or equipment, 2) The latest developments in electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Incorporating advanced topical research, Medi Lift’s initial two lines include Needle Lift products containing our proprietary micro-spicule-intense Golden Needle Complex–to be configured into three different three-product regimens–and the Micro-Moments Special Care Collection, a series of occlusive patches containing self-dissolving micro-tips. Developed and manufactured by prestige Japanese beauty tool specialists and product formulators YA-MAN Ltd.

”Physiologically, gradual progress is the most realistic progress. It took you this long to accrue the skin damage, so it may take a fair amount of time and consistency to alleviate.” 

                                                             –– Ava Shamban, MD
Dermatologist, AVA MD
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