This 15-Minute Skincare Routine Smooths and Lifts to Restore Your Skin

February 06, 2024
This 15-Minute Skincare Routine Smooths and Lifts to Restore Your Skin

Ready for a restorative skincare routine but don’t have all the time in the world to spend on multiple steps? We recommend pairing our trio from Needle Lift Signature Daily Kit with our Essential Mask for a true beauty moment of only fifteen minutes. 

Five Minutes of Needle Lift Signature Daily Kit

The perfect introduction to the power of microspicule technology, our Signature Daily Kit is a multi-action trio that tightens and lifts the skin.

After cleansing, apply 2–3 pumps of Needle Lift First Essence into your hands and press gently onto your face for complete absorption. Use before applying serum or moisturizer. 

Next, apply a pearl-sized amount of Needle Lift Serum to clean, dry skin to target expression lines such as the orbital eye area as well as lip contours. Massage for complete absorption. 

Last, scoop a pearl-sized amount of your favorite Needle Lift Daily Care Cream with its application spoon. For the area around the décolleté and the neck, apply from the center while working toward the jawline. 

All of these products can be used daily, both morning and night. 

10 Minutes of Essential Mask 

Enjoy the last ten minutes of your beauty regimen hands-free with our wearable at-home device that utilizes the face-lifting power of electric muscle stimulation (EMS) technology.

Our Medi Lift Essential Mask helps fully target the cheek and lower face muscles while tightening and restoring skin to its youthful, plump appearance with four main benefits:

✓ Boosts Microcirculation
✓ Contours Jawline
✓ Lifts Cheeks
✓ Tightens Muscle Tone